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New Bridge Cambodia is a locally run NGO located in Siem Reap Province, dedicated to improving the lives of those most in need.


The New Bridge organization improves the lives of many children and their families by providing education, health care, community outreach and much more.


We have two schools that we run in Siem Reap Province at the School of Joy, and Ankor Krouv village at the Home of Love School.


We are concerned with the overall health and development of children, and as such we provide a supportive and nurturing environment for the children. Providing education with a commitment to teaching both English and other necessary key life skills. 


Providing education is essential to enable children the opportunity to learn and develop the skills to break the cycle of poverty and improve their life chances.

Our mission at New Bridge Cambodia is:

"To provide children with the first stepping stones on the road to success".

As such, it is our mission to reduce the children's vulnerability to poverty- by providing education and community support.


The children's education comprises of English studies, art and drawing, recreation and sport, health and hygiene education, and traditional dancing. All of which we provide with the intention and aim of improving the intellectual, developmental, physical and emotional health of the children.

Whilst our community support outreach program includes a daily meal for the village children, we also provide food aid for families within the local village, household and health support to families, the provision of clean water, latrines, and shower facilities are also provided.


Ultimately we seek to GIVE JOY to our children and their families, and wherever possible enhance and improve the quality of children and families lives. 

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