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Education to Escape Poverty

The School Of Joy &

Home of love Education

We have two schools that we run in Siem Reap Province at the School of Joy, and in Ankor Krouv village at the Home of Love School.


We are concerned with the overall health and development of children, and as such we provide a supportive and nurturing environment for the children. Providing education with a commitment to teaching both English and other necessary key life skills. 


This education is essential in providing Cambodian children with a chance to break free from the poverty cycle, and enables them with the potential to work towards and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

Our mission at New Bridge Cambodia is:

"To provide children with the first stepping stones on the road to success".

In this, the New Bridge organization improves the lives of many people by providing education, health care, and a community outreach program.

In order to run our schools and provide our community outreach program, we need  a minimum of USD $3000 per month.

As for all NGOs, finding funds is not easy, so any help that we receive- in any amount big or small, will help us to attain our mission.

Aside from donations, we also rely on the help of volunteers. 

Our Volunteer Program is open to anyone who might be interested. There is plenty to be done for the organisation, and we welcome all and any support.

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