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Volunteer Testimonials

Femke, July 2017

"I have been a volunteer at New Bridge Cambodia for one month. And I must say, it has been a life-changing experience. The culture, the children, the volunteers, the atmosphere, actually everything had a great impact on me. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to come here and could work with these loving people. I would recommend this place to everyone who is ready for an amazing journey. I will certainly come back and I wish all the children and staff members the best of luck!" 

Natalie, July 2017

"I volunteered at the School of Joy for 12 weeks where I assisted the local teacher with English and other subjects.  I can genuinely say that it has been a life changing experience for me as I learned many new things and gained a new perspective on life.  Also, the teachers, the kids and the culture are really amazing. Everyone is very warm and welcoming, and after 12 weeks it feels as my second home! I will definitely come back soon!" Natalie, July 2017

Hester, October 2016

"I had a great time teaching at New Bridge. The other teachers are very friendly and I very much enjoyed my time during and outside school hours. Paul and the other staff made me feel at home and I experienced life as local Cambodians do. If I can, I will definitely return!" 

Adrien, July 2017

"I have been a volunteer during 6 weeks here. Firstly at School of Joy where I assisted teachers in their work and secondly at Home of Love, another school of the NGO where I helped on several constructions (mainly on concrete paving for a shelter and building of a volleyball field). I enjoyed every moment with the staff, teachers, other volunteers and obviously with children. I discovered another culture and met great people. Cambodian are one of the most smiling and friendly people I could met. I guarantee you I met some truly inspiring people here. It was such a good life experience, I will come back in the next few years!"

Oliver, 2016

"I volunteered at the School of Joy for two weeks, I had a great experience teaching my own class and getting to know all the students and teachers. Everyone is so friendly and it was so fun teaching everyday. The school is a great cause and is having a huge impact on so many kids lives." 

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