Education plays a vital role in helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Many children in the rural areas around Siem Reap, however, have no chance to go to school as many parents cannot afford school fees.


For $25 a month, your donation will pay the costs of sending a child to school and is used to pay for teachers, facilities and, school supplies.


You will also receive annual school reports and photos, as well as drawings/letters from your sponsored child.



There are a lot of students in Cambodia who despite achieving outstanding results at secondary school, cannot afford to pay for tertiary education and whilst they understand that their biggest stepping stone out of poverty is through education, the cost of university is well beyond the means of most Year 12 students.

For $45 a month Your donation will pay for the student’s university fees, with the option to also assist with necessities such as text books, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. University sponsorships are paid as a lump sum annual donation of $550.


Many families in the rural village areas around Siem Reap live far below the poverty line.

For $45 a month, a sponsored family receives food every week and small amounts of cash.

This can create an opportunity for children to attend school instead of collecting rubbish to sell for the family income, allows illiterate mothers or older girls to learn sewing, or feeds a sick grandmother raising her grandchildren.


In Cambodia medical care is often very limited for the people who live in rural areas.


As such, New Bridge organisation employs one qualified nurse who visits the village fortnightly with our staff. Providing medication, examinations, and if needed further medical care. 

For $80 a month, your donation will allow us to continue this care, and to also extend this care to more children and families. 


New Bridge relies heavily on the support of volunteers, and our volunteer Program is open to people of all ages, from all walks of life (under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult or guardian).


The only qualifications necessary are enthusiasm, commitment and a flexible attitude. Though volunteers are expected to sign and adhere to New Bridge's Child Protection Policy and Volunteer Code of Conduct.

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New Bridge for Cambodia has a clear child protection policy.

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