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At New Bridge Cambodia, within the Siem Reap province, we work with disadvantaged children and their families providing education, health care, and family support.

Cambodia is in parts a very poor country, due to its fairly recent and troubled past. Many parts of Cambodia remain very poor. It is essential therefore, that all children have access to free education- irrespective of family income, privilege or adverse family circumstances. 


Education allows children with a chance to break through the poverty cycle, and awards them a brighter future.

With your support, New Bridge can directly assist and help the children and families that we work with, to promote the opportunity for success and a bettie future. 

Together, with your help many children will have a brighter future.

For your generosity, We would like to say: Arkun (Thank You) 

Will provide new shoes for a child.



Will provide note books for

an entire class.

$10 (USD)

Will provide one 50kg sack of rice to feed the school and village children at lunch time every day.



Will provide school supplies for one year for an individual child.



Will provide a bicycle so that

a child and one of their siblings might be able to

travel to school. 



Will provide the money
that is required to sponsor

a child to attend school, including uniforms, food,

and school supplies.



We welcome all donations

big and small. Any amount that we can put towards the education we provide the 

children or the health care 

which we provide to the children and the village.



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